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Android spying app barred from sale

Android spying app barred from sale

Google has rejected an app from the Android Market, amid fears it represents a beach of users privacy and violates the company’s development guidelines.

Check the app in action in the clip below

Once installed on handset, the Secret SMS Replicator app sends a copy of every incoming and outgoing text message to another pre-determined number.

Naturally, the app could be used for spying on cheatin’ hearts or by parents who want to check up on wayward teens.

After initially approving the application for sale on its download store, Google backtracked somewhat and removed it.

However, in keeping with Google’s relatively free and easy approval policy – compared to the boys from Cupertino, anyway - it is now back on sale albeit with the sneaky SMS replication function removed.

The app now only offers users the chance to make back-up copies of missives they send and receive.

Zak Tanjeloff, Chief Executive of DLP, the company behind the app, had claimed that SMS replicator was “certainly controversial, but can be helpful to people in relationships where this type of monitoring can be useful”.

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