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  5. Flash comes to iPhone with Skyfire browser

Flash comes to iPhone with Skyfire browser

Flash comes to iPhone with Skyfire browser

Apple may not like it but Flash is coming to iPhone, again, this time in the form of the Skyfire mobile web browser.

The iPhone (and iPad/iPod touch) version of the popular mobile browser hits the US iTunes Store this Thursday for $2.99, making it the first Flash-capable application to receive Apple’s seal of approval. Although a UK release has not been confirmed, we don’t expect it to be too far behind.

We are a little bit surprised to say the least that Apple has approved the browser despite its ongoing spat with Adobe over the exclusion of Flash from its range of iDevices. That’s not to say it’s a home run for Skyfire, which may still get the chop if Apple’s track record with apps such as Grooveshark and VLC Player is anything to go by.

Technically speaking though, Skyfire doesn’t actually offer native Flash support. The way it works is that when you access a page containing Flash elements, Skyfire’s servers automatically translates them into HTML5 in the background, therefore make it kosher for Apple’s consumption.

Skyfire boss Jeffrey Glueck had only this to say: “We will attack those pesky blue Flash error messages".

So keep an eye out for Skyfire this week, and just as a precaution we recommend that prospective buyers pick up the app as soon as it hits iTunes.

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