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  5. HTC more frequently searched brand than iPhone

HTC more frequently searched brand than iPhone

HTC more frequently searched brand than iPhone

Apple’s iPhone may be an object of worship for millions of existing fans but when it comes popularity with general population, it is HTC that triumphed over Cupertino, raking in the most online searches for its smarties.

HTC’s mega-selling trio Wildfire, Desire and Desire HD handsets took top spots in a month long, followed closely behind by the Samsung Galaxy S and the Nokia N8, with Apple’s mighty iPhone only managing a distant sixth.

Mark Owen, managing director at good mobile phones, thinks that it's the price of the iPhone that's ‘putting people off’, combined with a ‘lack of incentivising’ from Apple to choose its phone over its rivals’ smarties.

Of course, it does not mean that Apple’s iPhone is still not selling like hot cakes, but this could be a sign that it is not all the rage any more and its popularity amongst non-iFans is slipping.

In the past year we have seen the release of a glut of top-notch smartphones running Google’s resurgent Android platform, which is being tipped to overtake market leader Nokia by 2015. The iPhone 4's numerous hardware issues hasn't exactly helped Apple's cause either.

We should get a clearer picture of who’s leading the smartphone race this holiday season. Why not take a look at our range of deals to see what’s hot and what’s not.

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