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  5. iPhone 3D gadget lands for gaming & media

iPhone 3D gadget lands for gaming & media

iPhone 3D gadget lands for gaming & media

A gadget that turns the iPhone into a 3D screen has been unveiled by toy giant Hasbro.

Hasbro My3D is essentially a vast pair of plastic glasses that allows users to view movies and play games in vivid 3D. The company has already inked content deals with big heavy hitters such as Dreamworks, Sony and Imax for movies and trailers.

Also incoming are dedicated free and paid-for apps to be sold through the App Store that take advantage of the device’s 3D capabilities. These are set to take in some smart-sounding travel applications that offer a chance to take a walking tour of unfamiliar locales.

Among the first of these will be an app developed in conjunction with the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau that offers eye-popping tours of the LA Wax Museum and Santa Monica Pier.

It’s not yet clear how much you’ll have to pay to get your hands on Hasbro My3D in the UK, but with the US price standing at just $30 (about £20), it’s certainly sounding very attractive.

Habro plans to launch the add-on during spring next year.

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