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  5. Palm Pre 2 launches in the UK for £399 without a contract

Palm Pre 2 launches in the UK for £399 without a contract

Palm Pre 2 launches in the UK for £399 without a contract

The successor to the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus handsets has officially gone on sale in the UK via the Palm website.

However, those looking to pick up the smartie on a contract will be disappointed as UK carriers have collectively refused to add the handset to their inventory, doubtless due to the abysmal performance of the original Pre.

While that does not necessarily make the Pre 2 a poor device, we can’t help but think that £399 is a price simply too highly for a handset that is largely unchanged from its predecessors, especially when the iPhone 4 can be snagged for just £100 more.

Still, that is unlikely to dissuade hardcore Palm fans who have been clamouring for new hardware for a long while and we suspect that keeping existing users from jumping ship was the real reason behind releasing the Pre 2 so early.

Pre 2 is almost identical to the Pre Plus, except it now houses a faster 1GHz processor, more RAM and a five-megapixel camera with flash and extended depth of field. It also boasts a new flatter and sturdier glass surface believed to be fashioned from the same Gorilla glass screen used on the iPhone 4.

Additionally, the Pre 2 runs on the latest build of the webOS operating system, version 2.0, which adds a revamped Universal Search feature called ‘Just Type’, enhanced multitasking that allows applications to be organised in ‘stacks’ while in use, plus Flash Player 10.1 support to name a few.

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