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Windows Phone 7 free apps incoming from LG

Windows Phone 7 free apps incoming from LG

LG and Microsoft have teamed up to offer free apps to Windows Phone 7 handset owners.

Under the terms of the partnership, LG has pledged to provide "a revolving portfolio of hand-picked applications, providing free access to quality applications that take advantage of the unique features and design of Windows Phone 7”.

It’s not clear what these might be. But there’s no doubting the scale of the giveaway. According to LG, they’ll be doling out a software package of ten apps to the value of $30 (just under £19), which will be replaced with all-new ones every 60 days.

To download them, LG WP7 phone owners will need to head to LG’s proprietary Application Store, access to which is included on the company’s well-regarded debut on Microsoft’s smartphone platform Omnia 7.

Chang Ma, Vice President of Mobile Communications Marketing Strategy at LG, said: “When we pledged early last year to support Microsoft’s smartphone strategy, we knew we were making a decision that had the potential to generate ripples in the ecosystem.

“Microsoft’s commitment to the developer community is well known and respected in the industry, and we look forward to seeing this partnership with Microsoft lead to greater things.”

LG plans to start the freebie cavalcade this month.

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