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Angry Birds Day: a first-hand report

Angry Birds Day: a first-hand report

The event started at 1pm when people started gathering at various meet-up points around Covent Garden. After gathering together and collecting our limited edition Angry Birds catapults, everyone proceeded to the market where a “still” protest began. That equated to everyone striking a pose and standing as still as they could, causing a crowd of bemused bystanders to gather - much to the confusion of some of the more elderly passers-by.

angry birds 1.1

After this, we began a march around the capital, making our way to Trafalgar Square where some of the local street performers got in on the action, passing some of London's landmarks such as the square's towering Christmas tree, the horse-guards and Downing Street.

angry birds day 1.2

Eventually, we made our way to a nicely appointed venue called The Northumberland where the ballroom had been reserved for an Angry Birds game-off using Nokia's N8. Each handset was connected to big screens via its HDMI-out, and I found myself being horribly outclassed in front of everyone by someone barely out of primary school.

Rovio has promised to create levels based on the cities organizing the best flashmobs. And with London's being both the largest and craziest of them all, I think it's a fair bet that today wont be the last our fair capital sees of the Angry Birds.

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