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iPhone white edition due spring?

iPhone white edition due spring?

The forever-delayed white edition of the iPhone 4 won’t be here for another four and a half months at the earliest, Apple promotional material confirms.

Originally due to land back in June along with the black version of the iPhone, the white edition has been perpetually postponed ever since. Reasons cited for the delay include problems getting the ‘right’ shade of white and manufacturing issues with the handset’s frame.

However, now it seems that an end to the long, long wait could at last be in sight, according to 9to5 Mac. That’s if a poster in Apple stores, which promises that “the white iPhone will be available spring 2011” is to believed. Technically speaking that means that we’re looking at March 20th for the earliest availability.

If you feel you can’t wait that long – after all, that it’d mean it arrives just months before the iPhone 5 is expected to launch – there are a number of smart workarounds.

Perhaps the pick of the bunch, as far as looks go, is the DIY kit that comprises of white panels for the back and front of your handset. But at £190, plus £20 for shipping if you’re in the UK, it’s certainly not a cheap solution.

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