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Top 10 Nokia apps of 2010

Top 10 Nokia apps of 2010

2010 has been a year of ups and downs over at Espoo. But aside from MeeGo delays and boardroom battles, Nokia’s Ovi app platform has really come of age. Here’s our pick of the ten best add-ons to hit the Symbian store in 2010.

1 2010

formula 1 nokia

This year’s race for the drivers’ title was epic and went right to the wire. This Nokia add-on, which landed in September, delivers live time and track info for F1 fanatics. It’s free, but you need to register on the official F1 website to sign in. Well worth nabbing now in time for the first race of 2011 in Bahrain.

2 Music Explorer

Nokia’s music store gets short shrift, but this app is ace for searching out new tunes. You can rummage around by genre, search for tracks and even get recommendations to your homescreen based on recent purchases. You can then tap into albums and tracks and buy them on your handset.

3 Pixelpipe Save&Share

pixel pipe

Upload clips and pics to any one of 100 blogs, online photo albums and social networks. You need to register when you download the app, but then it’s simply a case of choosing the service you want to upload to (be it Facebook, Twitter, Picasa or YouTube) and picking the file you want to share.



This is obviously one for LOVEFiLM users, letting movie buffs manage and prioritise rental lists on-the-fly. Best of all, it comes with a 30 day free trial for newbies, perfect in the run up to Christmas when terrestrial TV’s film offerings are truly atrocious.

5 Ovi Maps Challenge

ovi maps challenge

Nokia does a fine line in creating its own Ovi apps and Maps Challenge is no exception. It tests your knowledge on countries and continents using your phone’s Ovi Maps function and is a great way to get up to speed on holiday destinations or just sating your inner geek.

6 Spotify

spotify nokia

OK, this actually came out in 2009, but February’s update brought wider Nokia phone support, not to mention improved input and a much faster experience all round. Initially, this app was hamstrung by sluggish speeds. Happily, now such problems are few and far between.

7 Tetris HD

This needs no introduction. The utterly addictive original game looks the business on Nokia’s latest handsets and works like a dream. It’s like having a Game Boy, but without the hulking frame and low-res graphics. What’s not to like?


Using Britain’s train network can be trying enough, but TheTrainline’s add-on, which recently hit the Ovi Store, at least takes the pain out of buying tickets. You can easily search times and get discounts if you book early. Once you’ve registered a card, you can buy tickets using just your cards security number. Much better than the iPhone version.

9 The Sims 3 HD

sims 3 nokia

This classic title landed on Ovi recently and has been a runaway success, proving that in the wake of the N-gage debacle and Apple’s domination of mobile gaming, Nokia can still handle the latest games. Well designed, beautifully rendered, it’s a must-have.

10 Whatsapp


Finally hitting Ovi in July, Whatsapp’s brilliant text, voice and image sending skills mean free nattering with other mobile users across platform. It’s free, unlike on the iPhone, and it works like a dream.

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