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  5. UK ranks third in youth smartphone penetration

UK ranks third in youth smartphone penetration

UK ranks third in youth smartphone penetration

The UK was ranked third in a recent Nielsen market study to establish levels of smartphone and feature phone ownership among 15-24 year olds in eight nations around the globe.

Italy came first, edging out Spain and the UK with 47 per cent of teens and young adults sporting a smartphone. The US, surprisingly, ranked fourth with just over a third of its youth making the leap to smartphones, which suggests there still a massive market for smartphone makers to tap into.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, India ranked last with a population of just ten per cent of its youths owning high-end handsets. Russia followed with a quarter, then China and Germany, both managing 29 per cent each.

The bean counters at Nielsen also published figures showing a clear gender disparity between smartphone owners. The US is the country with the most female smartphone owners, with 55 per cent on board with the latest generation mobiles. The UK trails in second place with 47 per cent.

The statistics paint an interesting picture of the booming smartphone market. While smartphones have undeniably become an almost indispensable companion for street smart teens and adults alike, there’s clearly still much more room for growth not only in emerging economies like India and China but even in the UK and US.

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