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Alarm bells are ringing for Apple

Alarm bells are ringing for Apple

Got an iPhone? Overslept on your first day back at the grindstone? Well, you’re not the only one. Apple’s alarm clock issues continue apace, giving the Cupertino giant a nasty start to the New Year and causing untold bad publicity for a company, which in spite of its many faults, was until last summer pretty much teflon-coated.

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Apple had said the glitch, which has caused a string of one-off and recurring iPhone alarms to stop working, would be fixed by January 3rd. But the problem persists and with it comes a PR headache that Apple needs to deal with sharpish.

The clock rolling over to a New Year should not have caused one of the world’s best and most popular smartphones’ alarm to give up the ghost. Especially two months after it suffered a similar issue when the clocks went back. The story has dominated tech pages on major news outlets in a week when every other gadget maker the world over is descending on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

That’s testament to Apple’s unique position in the minds of the media and the public. And it also shows that Steve Jobs needs to get a fix for this problem sorted immediately and apologise for the inconvenience it’s caused iFans. No taking to a stage and saying other phones have the same problems too. A simple ‘hands-up, we’re sorry’ will do.

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Because while this might not hit sales in a big way, it will add to the growing feeling that Apple is becoming much more vulnerable. Antennagate and last year’s clock troubles have shown that it’s not a company impervious to headline-grabbing horror stories. Just a couple more problems like this week’s and Apple will undoubtedly lose vital mindshare in the smartphone market. And 2011 is no time for Apple to be compromised.

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Google’s efforts to take Android to the next level won’t let up and OEMs will be ready to create better products to challenge Cupertino’s dominance. The clock trouble should act as a very real warning and should not be simply dismissed as a niggle. Apple is too big these days to get away with dead-batting complaints.

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