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Android Ice Cream landing summer?

Android Ice Cream landing summer?

A fresh Android update, dubbed Ice Cream, could be with us this summer, rumours suggest.

According to industry insiders cited by, the new iteration is set to be officially unveiled in May at Google’s development-fest I/O event. It’ll then be pushed out to Google branded handsets around June or July, the site claims.

News of developments come after a hitherto unseen version of the platform was espied running on the Sony Ericsson (SE) Xperia Arc at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

However, in what sounds to us like a none-too-convincing cover story, SE has claimed that the software was not Ice Cream, AKA Android 2.4, but was in fact a corrupted version of the OS.

Either way, going by the massive delays caused by network testing, if you’re not lucky enough to have a Nexus S or Nexus One, you can expect a lengthy wait for the update to hit your phone.

Pencil it in around September for most newish high-end handsets. And some time around never if you’ve got a phone in Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 range.

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