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HTC buttonless Android phone sighted?

HTC buttonless Android phone sighted?

HTC could be prepping a button-less handset, a leaked image suggests, just days after rumours surfaced that Apple is planning something similar for the iPhone 5.

Speculation that a home button could be absent from the next iPhone iteration and iPad 2 stemmed from a report from BGR. The site claimed that devices are already being trialled at the Apple campus that allowed users to return to the home page with new multi-touch gestures.

Now, after a snap of an HTC phone also button-free surfaced online, it appears that Cupertino isn’t the only smartphone maker with plans to ditch home buttons. The image, which was unearthed by Phandroid on its travels through the interwebs, shows a previously unseen phone with a large touchscreen and nary a button in sight.

Opinion is split as to whether this is the real deal, or just a work-in-progress snap of a phone that will get buttons before it hits the market or even a standard, placedholding image.

However, we’d advise against being wholly dismissive. Lending real credence to the speculation is that Android 3.0, AKA Honeycomb, is reputed to be able to be used fully on a touchscreen with no need for physical buttons.

Via: Phandroid

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