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iPhone 5 & iPad 2 to pack NFC tech?

iPhone 5 & iPad 2 to pack NFC tech?

Near Field Communications (NFC) technology will almost certainly be a feature of the future generations of the iPhone and iPad, a business sage has forecast.

In an interview with the number crunching enterprise experts at Bloomberg, analyst Richard Doherty, Director of consulting firm Envisioneering Group, said he expects NFC to show up in the next iteration of Apple’s smartie on the AT&T network.

The iPad 2 will also offer the contactless payment method, he said, citing as evidence engineers who he claims are working on hardware to enable the tablet to double as a virtual wallet.

Rumours that NFC was part of Apple’s plans first surfaced last year when it appointed Benjamin Vigier as its new product manager for mobile commerce. Vigier’s standing in the telecoms sector rests on his creation of PayPal Mobile and a mobile payment solution for Starbucks – marking him out as an NFC guru.

Used in Oyster cards on the London Tube network, NFC technology enables consumers to use their phones to pay for low-ticket items and is widely expected to take off in a big way over the next 12 months.

Google is already behind the payment method, with NFC among the key features of its latest Android smartphone operating system iteration – as seen on the Google Nexus S.

Via: Bloomberg

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