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iPhone 5 new design leaked?

iPhone 5 new design leaked?

Images of what is purported to be a new iPhone design have leaked online, apparently indicating how Apple proposes solving the antennagate crisis that severely dented its reputation among tech watchers.

The snaps, which were unearthed by and were reportedly from a “very reliable source”, show a handset with four black bands in between the handset’s antennas. That’s in contrast to the current-gen iPhone 4 which has just three.

iphone 5 frame

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, it seems that one way or another Cupertino is determined to avoid a repeat of last year’s debacle.

Less certain though is whether what we’re looking at is a frame for the iPhone 5 or for the fabled Verizon Wireless CDMA version of the iPhone 4, the existence of which neither Apple or the network it’s reputedly making them for will confirm.

For what it’s worth we think it’s the former. With just five months or so to go until iPhone 5 drops, it’d make little sense to bring out a special edition of the current gen model now. And that’s before you even consider just how much that’s upset rival carriers who would still be stuck with the glitch-hit versions of the handset.

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