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Nokia tablet leaks, runs Meego

Nokia tablet leaks, runs Meego

Images of what is purported to be a Nokia tablet computer have cropped up online, as the Finnish phone maker eyes an entry to the nascent but burgeoning slate market

Unearthed by Mobile Review forum users, the low-grade quality of the pictures of the as yet unnamed device make it difficult to make an awful lot out about it. However, we can tell that runs the Meego operating system and that it sports a thin bezel on a screen estimated at anywhere between five and seven inches.

nokia tablet 2

Icons on display also hip us to the fact that it’ll run video, most likely in rich HD. Other than that, an icon featuring an aeroplane suggests it’ll also have a flight mode for disabling connectivity. And that, I’m afraid, is your lot.

nokia tablet new

Touted as Nokia’s great white hope in the OS wars, the Meego platform is scheduled to replace the company’s creaky Symbian platform in its high-end NSeries phones this year.

Symbian will be retained for mid range and cheaper Nokia phones for the foreseeable future, however.


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