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  5. Orange unveils ‘Tiny Top Ups’ PAYG top-up system

Orange unveils ‘Tiny Top Ups’ PAYG top-up system

Orange unveils ‘Tiny Top Ups’ PAYG top-up system

UK network Orange is set to launch an innovative new Pay As You Go service called ‘Tiny Top Ups’ that allows users to top-up their mobiles with spare change in their pockets.

According to research conducted by the carrier, a staggering 94 per cent of 1,019 consumers quizzed plan to “tighten their purse strings this year” and a quarter of 18-24 year olds are used to carrying less than a pound in loose change in their pockets.

With Tiny Top Ups, Orange hopes to enable consumers get the most out of their quid and make use of their otherwise neglected coppers. Punters will be able to top-up with as little as 10p and contribute to the economy - albeit in a very small way - at the same time.

Pippa Dunn, VP of Propositions for Orange, said: “Tiny Top Ups make it easier for Orange Pay As You Go customers to top up using their loose change.

“It’s a big change to your small change; and with many people managing their personal finances more closely than ever, Tiny Top Ups will help people who are watching their pennies to stay in touch.”

To celebrate the launch of the service, Orange is giving away a massive tube packed with 10p coins to the first person to correctly guesstimate the amount inside. To enter, you must follow @ConorfromOrange on Twitter and tweet your answer.

To sweeten the deal even further, Orange is also offering to double the amount users top-up during March. So for example, if you put in a quid, you get two quid’s worth. Nice.

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