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  5. PlayStation Suite for Android gadgets & NGP unveiled

PlayStation Suite for Android gadgets & NGP unveiled

PlayStation Suite for Android gadgets & NGP unveiled

Sony has lifted the lid on PlayStation Suite, a games-only download store for all manner of Android devices, in a development that promises to massively improve the threadbare state of gaming on gadgets running Google’s operating system.

The consumer tech giant unveiled the cross-platform market at the official launch of the Android powered NGP handheld console (not to be confused with the forthcoming Xperia Play phone).

Set to launch later this year, PlayStation Suite will initially offer classic PSOne titles and PSP games. However, we’re also in line for specially created games, too, as the platform develops, which will be subject to an App Store-style approval programme dubbed ‘PlayStation Certified’.

next generation portable

Exciting, no? For sure. But before you get too het-up, there is a caveat. Although Suite is being touted as “hardware neutral”, you’ll only be able to get onboard with the service if you’ve got a phone running Android 2.3 or above.

Addressing crowds at the launch, Sony's Kaz Hirai said: "It extends the PlayStation experience beyond. It's our first cross platform and it will offer PlayStation content for Android.

"It will also ensure PlayStation quality across various devices."

The standard-bearer handset for the gaming service, the Sony Xperia Play, is expected to debut next month at the Mobile World Congress and go on sale in the UK in April.

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