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  5. Production of iPad 2 to start in February, iPhone 5 in May

Production of iPad 2 to start in February, iPhone 5 in May

Production of iPad 2 to start in February, iPhone 5 in May

Manufacturing of the next iterations of Apple’s mega-selling iPad and iPhone are due to begin in February and May respectively, a report by China Times claims.

Although the article is entirely in Mandarin, with a pinch of ingenuity and some Google translation magic, we have managed to decipher most of the important bits.

According to the agency: “[manufacturing of the] second-generation Apple iPad is expected to begin in February in small numbers. 2nd quarter shipments will be significantly increased, and may even go beyond single monthly shipments of the first-generation iPad shipped in its peak in 2010”.

It continues: “rumors also suggests that iPhone 5 is also expected to begin volume production in May”.

While it's not a secret that both iDevices are destined to arrive to market sometime this year, the fact that the manufacturing start date for the iPhone 5 is so precariously close to Apple’s usual launch window of new iPhone releases have left our eyebrows raised a little higher than we’d like to.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Foxconn, the company that makes the iPhones for Apple, has increased its manufacturing capacity since last year and could easily meet any shipment target, even if it has to lock in its employees and throw away the keys. Also likely is that Apple is leaving the manufacturing late in order to iron out any last-minute kinks, to avoid another colossal disaster like Antennagate. Only time will tell, so stay tuned as we find out more.

Source: China Times

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