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Android Honeycomb debuts on Motorola Xoom

Android Honeycomb debuts on Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom will be the first tablet to run the slate optimised Honeycomb edition of Android, it has been confirmed, ahead of the arrival of a host of other Honeycomb powered devices a month or so later.

Check out the Xoom in action in the video below

Moto’s first tilt at the tablet market will launch in mid-February, the search giant announced at the Google press event to mark the official unveiling of Honeycomb. The OS iteration differs from versions made with smartphones in mind through the inclusion of a smart 3D-esque UI, plus redesigned, larger widgets and loads of screen real estate in which to store them.

motorola xoom

Honeycomb also adds a revamped virtual keyboard for better text entry, easier copy and pasting and enhancements to the browser, such as tabbed web pages and form auto fill.

motorola xoom 2

Current-gen Android tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, run versions of the platform created for smartphones, giving Motorola’s kit a real competitive advantage in the market – at least until Sammy can push out an update.

Yesterday’s other big Google news was the launch of a webstore, desktop version of the Android Market app store to enable users to browse and purchase titles from their PCs, Macs and lappys. Previously, the market was solely accessible on Android powered devices.

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