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  5. BlackBerry OS 6 update pushed out on 3

BlackBerry OS 6 update pushed out on 3

BlackBerry OS 6 update pushed out on 3

BlackBerry OS6, the latest version of Research in Motion’s (RIM) smartphone operating system, is available to download now on 3, bringing a raft of new features to older Curve 9300 and Bold 9700 business focussed blowers and squashing bugs for the newer Torch and Bold 9800.

Curve 9300 and Bold 9700 owners will see the somewhat creaky OS their phones run right now replaced with a shiny new iteration of the platform that’s approximately 1000 per cent slicker. In keeping with the new operating system's social networking slant, the upgrade will enable them to see all their social and RSS feeds in a single location. It also adds tabbed browsing allows web pages to load faster for an altogether slicker mobile internet experience.

blackberry os6 homescreen

Other new features include universal search, plus an improved multimedia player for better playback and revamped messaging software.

The update also addresses problems reported by Torch and Bold 9800 owners, both of which shipped with OS 6 on board, such as glitches when scrolling and issues with the screen freezing.

Widely lauded on its launch last year, OS 6 will be at the forefront of the next generation of BlackBerry smarties incoming towards the end of 2011. These include the touchscreen only Curve Touch, a third Storm-branded blower and a sequel to the best-selling Torch.



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