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Google Shopper app lands on iPhone

Google Shopper app lands on iPhone

Google has released its official ‘Shopper’ app for the iPhone to give shopaholic iFans the pleasure of buying and comparing even on the move.

Google Shopper is essentially an app-ified (yes, it’s a word) version of the shopping section on the Google website. But it's got a few extra bells and whistles thrown in too, such as the image scanner that uses the iPhone’s camera to scan an actual item or barcode and search for it online and voice search for those who prefer to speak ‘cast iron skillet’ rather than type it.

Results are returned with reviews, descriptions and prices from multiple vendors, plus the ability to sort them by relevance or distance, in case you’re in a hurry and need to pick up whatever you're looking for from the nearest store. For some retailers and branches, you’ll also be able to see inventory information, so that the trip downtown is not a complete waste of time.

Better still, you can 'favourite' items you like by tapping the star icon, which will then appear in the ‘Starred’ screen. A list of your past searches will also be automatically saved in the ‘History’ section. If you like something enough, you can share it directly with friends, too, via social networking sites.

Google Shopper is free to download right now from the App Store but only available in English in the US and UK on iPhones running iOS 4.0 or higher.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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