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  5. HP Palm teases the next best in webOS… in nine seconds

HP Palm teases the next best in webOS… in nine seconds

HP Palm teases the next best in webOS… in nine seconds

HP and Palm, or HPalm as it’s referred to in some circles, has released a teaser trailer to simultaneously excite and frustrate fans of the webOS platform.

We say frustrate because it lasts a mere nine seconds; no doubt intended as a subliminal reminder that the special event HP is hosting to officially unveil the next best in webOS takes place on February 9th.

Shot entirely in greyscale, the clip features intimately close, angled shots of a rather slick looking device with plenty of smooth curves to get fanboys and girls tingling. We aren’t entirely sure whether it’s a phone or the first-ever webOS slate, but we definitely like what little glimpse of it the video gives us.

HP has been fairly vocal in broadcasting its ambitions for the webOS platform and hasn’t held back either when taking the odd swipe at rivals. HP boss Leo Apotheker recently asked a crowd of 4,500 employees: “Those who think Apple is cool, raise your hands”. When they raised their hands, he replied: “Get ready to get rid of your iPhones and iPads.”

A bold, if somewhat risky statement to make. But HP has good reasons to be confident. webOS is a fantastic operating system. It only didn’t quite take off the way it should have due to Palm’s dire financial situation and poor quality hardware.

HP is the world’s largest technology company and has the global reach and truckloads of money to give the webOS its due. Whether or not it will actually pan out to something substantial is something we’ll find out next week.



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