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  5. iPhone 4 knocked off top 5 most popular phones by HTC

iPhone 4 knocked off top 5 most popular phones by HTC

iPhone 4 knocked off top 5 most popular phones by HTC

Apple’s iPhone 4 has at long last been knocked off its popularity perch, as it crashed out of the nation’s top five most-wanted handsets to an onslaught of HTC’s Android powered smartphones.

Brits voted with their wallets as the iPhone 4 was pushed into sixth position in comparison site uSwitch, losing its place to the HTC Desire, Desire HD and Wildfire, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and the Samsung Galaxy S respectively.

The reason for the dramatic shift in the iPhone’s popularity was explained by Ernest Doku of uSwitch, who told TechEye: "People are no longer prepared to pay high prices for this as other handsets are just as good and priced more reasonably.

"Many have to account for every penny spent, but at the same time do not want to miss out on owning the latest gadget. A free handset is a much more attractive proposition than shelling out for one – especially at iPhone prices."

Despite being available to almost every mobile operator in the country, the iPhone 4 carries a higher ‘premium’ than its competitors. Meanwhile, intense but healthy competition has helped Android smarties to drive down costs and appeal to cost-conscious punters.

That said, the drop in iPhone 4 sales could merely be a result of the handset nearing the end of its shelf life. Only time will tell if HTC and its Android chums will be able to hold ground long enough as Apple gears up for the launch of its fifth-generation iPhone.

In case you were wondering, here are the top ten most popular phones according to uSwitch:

1. HTC Desire

2. HTC Desire HD

3. HTC Wildfire

4. Blackberry Curve 8520

5. Samsung Galaxy S

6. Apple iPhone 4 (16Gb)

7. Motorola DEFY

8. Sony Ericsson S500i

9. Samsung G800

10. Samsung i600



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