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More Google branded Android phones inbound?

More Google branded Android phones inbound?

The Nexus family of Google branded phones could be about to get bigger, reports suggest.

This morning Google pushed out Android 2.3.3 to its current-gen Nexus S and Nexus One handsets. One feature of this was that it disabled integration of Facebook contacts.

When subsequently pressed by Engadget for the rationale behind the move, Google dropped what looks to us like a pretty major hint that more branded phones are part of its plans.

The Big G stated: "We believe it is very important that users are able to control their data. So in the over-the-air update for Nexus S, we have a small change to how Facebook contacts appear on the deviceSince Facebook contacts cannot be exported from the device, the appearance of integration created a false sense of data portability.

“We are removing the special-case handling of Facebook contacts on Nexus S and future lead devices."

It’s that mention of “future lead devices” that’s sneaked in there which has got us and others in the tech sector excited.

Right now, of course, it’s not known what they might be – or even whether the devices they refer to will necessarily even sport Google’s branding. But we think that a Google tablet has got to be a shoo-in at some stage at the very least.



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