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Twitter CEO rules out branded phone

Twitter CEO rules out branded phone

A Twitter branded phone won’t be coming to market any time soon, it has emerged, after the company’s Chief Executive Officer detailed plans for the mobile future of the service in a keynote at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Addressing delegates at the expo, Dick Costello said that instead he would like to see “deeper integration” with Twitter in handsets to make it easier to access the service from mobiles.

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He told PaidContent: "I believe there is a need [to better integrate] Twitter in existing platforms for phones, but not for a Twitter-branded smart phone.

"What I would like are more single sign-on experiences, more apps that can tweet without having to go to another app."

Costello also called for a unified Twitter experience across different handsets and platforms as well as a uniform means of using the micro-blogging phenom.

"When I switch devices, the experience has to be the same. I shouldn't have to relearn Twitter," he said.

His comments coincided with Steve Balmer of Microsoft announcing that Windows Phone 7’s future iterations will add much improved integration of Twitter to its People Hub. So it seems that someone is listening, at least.


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