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White iPhone 4 arriving in the UK in March

White iPhone 4 arriving in the UK in March

The white iPhone 4 rumours have been running wild lately, like a caffeine-addict child long past its bedtime. But it seems that an end to the speculation is nigh, with the news that the handset may finally be landing in March.

That’s according to the folks over at Pocket-Lint anyway, who have reportedly been informed by a source close to the matter that the much-sought white edition of Apple’s premier blower will, at long last, be arriving to market in Blighty in a matter of weeks.

While we don’t doubt the credibility of Pocket-Lint’s source, we advise you still take this one with your recommended daily allowance of sodium to avoid the smallest chance of disappointment.

The white iPhone 4 was originally due to arrive last summer when the all-black, AKA ‘regular’ iPhone launched. But a string of manufacturing issues, from bent frames to finding the right shade of white, has since delayed the handset multiple times. Apple co-founder Steven Wozniak recently confirmed that the blame laid with the camera due to light escaping from the casing that caused pictures to look as though they were taken through a ‘cellophane’.

Apple announced back in December last year that the white iPhone 4 would be launching in spring, so a late March release seems most likely. More recently, the handset has been spotted on the websites of multiple networks and vendors, including Orange, 3, Vodafone Germany and Best Buy stateside.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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