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  5. White iPhone 4 priced £920 on pre-sale

White iPhone 4 priced £920 on pre-sale

White iPhone 4 priced £920 on pre-sale

The fabled iPhone 4 went on pre-sale on UK site yesterday priced not far shy of a £1000, as the strange story of the much-delayed handset got just that little bit stranger.

For most of yesterday, Expansys was listing the handset for a truly mind-boggling, not to mention wallet-scorching, £920. That’s almost double the price of £510 of the common or garden black variety when you grab it direct from Apple.

iphone 4 white

However, following something of a storm online, the retailer appeared to relent. The product listing is still present and correct, but where that price tag had been it now coyly states “Not Announced”.

The latest twist in the white iPhone saga comes after a series of delays hit the ill-fated smartie. These have been blamed on everything to difficulties finding the ‘right’ shade of white paint to light leakage through the case that seriously impaired its credentials as a camera phone.

The question now is whether anyone but the most Cupertino fixated fanboy is still interested in owning one. After nigh-on a year of waiting, we suspect most people gave up a long time ago.

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