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Android Market malware problem spirals

Android Market malware problem spirals

The amount of malware hiding out in the Android Market was double that previously expected, it has been confirmed.

Yesterday, Google withdrew 21 apps, mostly games and productivity tools, from its proprietary download store, after being alerted they were malicious.

The applications were disguised as some of the most popular titles at the Android Market. When downloaded they sought out root data, potentially passing on your personal info to wrong ‘uns and opened the door to all sorts of other nastiness to infect your phone.

However, today it seems the problem with much larger than previously thought, with reports suggesting that the malicious apps in fact numbered over 50. That means that way more Fandroids could have been affected than the initial estimate of 50,000.

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Google has yet to issue official advice for customers with an infected phone. And until such time as it does, if you think you’re among them we’d recommend you switch to another handset in the short-term, just in case.

We’ll post a full list of the 50-plus apps as and when we get them. But in the meantime, head to yesterday’s news item for a breakdown of the 21 titles yanked from Android Market when the story first broke.


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