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Android tablets 'to crush iPad by 2014'

Android tablets 'to crush iPad by 2014'

Android tablets will be top dog in the slate market by 2014, an analyst forecasts, overhauling the iPad through the sheer volume of affordably priced devices running the operating system.

Apple’s iPad currently enjoys 90 per cent market share in the nascent tablet space, after the first generation device racked up sales of 15 million sales in nine months - in so doing effectively inventing the market for tablet computers.

However, Apple won’t have it all its own way for too much longer, it seems. According to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky, by 2014 Android will command a 40 per cent share of the market, knocking the iPad firmly off its lofty peach at the top.

motorola xoom

The shift is expected to be driven by a welter of low-cost Android tablets that will sell to the mass market, in much the same way that budget blowers running Android have propelled Google to the top of the handset sector.

Abramsky said: 'While Apple's iPad may continue to set the bar high for experience, we expect Android to dominate.”

The first tablets to run the slate optimised Honeycomb version of the Android platform are landing in the UK later this year.



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