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  5. AVG allies with Android to boost tablet security

AVG allies with Android to boost tablet security

AVG allies with Android to boost tablet security

AVG Technologies has ramped up the fight against malware on Android with the launch of a new anti-virus program for Android tablets.

Anti-Virus Free, launched under the banner of AVG Mobilation for Android, targets the glut of Android powered slates due to arrive to market this year as consumers look to get on board with portable devices for work and entertainment on the go.

According to AVG, the software is designed to safeguard users of Android tablets from data theft, and even help to locate lost or stolen tablets on Google Maps and remotely wipes sensitive data to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

The fast growing install base of Android operated devices has meant that Google operating system has also become one of the most at risk, after nearly a quarter of a million devices were infected with more than fifty malicious apps in February alone.

AVG Technologies CEO J.R. Smith said: “IDC predicted that nearly 50 million tablets will be sold this year, meaning more users will carry more of their digital life world with them, everywhere.

“As a result, securing these devices and protecting data becomes ever more crucial."

Anti-Virus Free is free to download right now from the Android Market. Aside from scanning for nasty files, it features real-time scanner to actively protect devices from harmful email attachments and web pages and backs up your data in case it gets corrupt or your devices is lost or stolen.

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