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iPad 2 on sale today

iPad 2 on sale today

The iPad 2 has gone on sale today, amid familiar scenes of snaking queues of fanboys outside iStores up and down the country.

T-Mobile is offering the 16GB 3G and Wi-Fi-enabled edition of the slate for £229 upfront when you sign up to a 24-month deal at £27 per month. Existing customers can get on board for £199 and a slightly cheaper monthly rate of £25 per month.

Not surprisingly Orange’s prices are comparable. Opt for the 16GB iPad 2 as a new customer on T-Mobile’s sister network and there’s a £199 fee to pay over 24 months at £25 per month.

All Orange and T-Mobile contracts will get you 1GB of data usage per month and an additional 1GB that you can use during non-peak periods. At the time of writing, neither carrier had confirmed whether it's offering the higher end models.

Vodafone’s 16GB iPad 2 monthly charges are £27 and £24.50 per month (also over 24 months) for new and existing customers respectively. An upfront payment of £229 applies on both deals. Choose the 32GB iPad 2, though, and you’re looking at an initial outlay of £279, while the 64GB top of the range version is £379.

All Vodafone contracts include a 2GB data per month and a further 1GB Wi-Fi allowance.

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