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  5. iPhone 5 white and silver models at launch?

iPhone 5 white and silver models at launch?

iPhone 5 white and silver models at launch?

Apple may be planning to launch the fifth-generation iPhone in style, with not one but two colour variants available from day one, if leaked snaps of parts for the yet unseen kit are anything to go by.

The images, which come to us courtesy of the folks over at T3 who in turn got them from ‘reliable’ parts retailer, show components that are supposedly intended for a white and silver model of the iPhone 5.

We’ve only been able to locate a white headphone socket in one of the snaps, which oddly enough appears to be positioned in the middle rather than the left-hand corner on the iPhone 4. So if it’s really genuine, then Apple may be considering repositioning some parts of the device after all in spite of rumblings that the iPhone 5 would be almost identical in design to its predecessor.

However, the shadowy figure cited by T3 also claims that external buttons such as the mute switch, volume rocker, etc, will remain untouched - flying in the face of rumours that Apple would do away with them for an even more elegant alternative with an all-touchscreen UI.

Although details are thin on the ground, rumoured specs of the iPhone 5 so far include an A5 dual core processor, a four-inch edge-to-edge screen and an all-aluminium chassis to improve scratch-resistance and antenna sensitivity.



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