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  5. Rumour: No Honeycomb update for Android 2.x devices

Rumour: No Honeycomb update for Android 2.x devices

Rumour: No Honeycomb update for Android 2.x devices

Android powered slates running version two-point-something may not be upgradable to Android 3.0, AKA Honeycomb, fresh rumours suggest.

Russian tech blog Mobile-Review reports that a clause in Google’s licensing agreements for Android updates purportedly makes it unlikely that devices running Android 2.x will receive the Honeycomb treatment. This is because unlike its smartphone tailored predecessors, Honeycomb requires a separate license to install, the site claims.

With talks of LG working on a Nexus tablet for Google already making noise, the news doesn’t bode well for owners of tablets such as the original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, who are currently stuck on the creaking Android 2.2 (Froyo).

Worse yet, Mobile-Review is of the opinion that even those looking to pick up the first Android flavoured HTC slate, the Flyer, due to land this year with Android Gingerbread onboard, may also be frozen out of the upgrade to Honeycomb. Although HTC has yet to comment on the rumour, a spokesperson for the company has previously stated: “I can confirm that we are working to bring a Honeycomb update to Flyer in short order – however, I don't have any specific information on what the timing may be.”

While it’s very much possible that the original Galaxy Tab may be left out of the party, especially with two larger, more powerful iterations of the tablet announced, we find it a bit hard to believe HTC would allow its first Android tablet effort to be a half-hearted one after all the good graces it’s earned in the smartphone market.

We’ll be sure to bring you more as we get confirmation from Big G itself surrounding the veracity of these claims.

Source: Mobile Review via Android Community

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