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  5. Nokia to shun Windows Phone 7 for tablets?

Nokia to shun Windows Phone 7 for tablets?

Nokia to shun Windows Phone 7 for tablets?

Nokia could cold-shoulder the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) OS for its tablets, it has emerged, in a further sign that the company perhaps isn’t as committed to the platform as it’d like us to believe.

Earlier this year, the Finnish phone maker announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to use its operating system on future mobile devices. Dubbed a “landmark deal”, it’s hoped the move can help Nokia reassume its place at the top table of smartphone makers, following heavy criticism of its proprietary Symbian3 platform.

However, latterly reports have surfaced that Nokia isn’t happy with the state of Microsoft’s OS and as a result, could hold back on bringing a WP7 handset to market until next year.

Today, the strength of the partnership was cast in further doubt after a report from Reuters suggesting that Nokia could opt for its own MeeGo OS for its tablet devices rather than have WP7 front and centre as you might’ve expected.

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Citing an insider source, the business daily claims that Nokia “wants to get its first tablet right rather than rushing to join the party at this late stage” and that while this “could include Microsoft, it may not”.

At the root of the strategy is that Nokia wants to come out with something distinctive to mark out its offering amid a slew of identikit slates. For the short term at least that suggests that Google’s all-conquering Android OS, which powers the majority of slates coming to market this year, isn’t remotely under consideration.



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