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  5. Official Twitter app updated for iPhone and iPad

Official Twitter app updated for iPhone and iPad

Official Twitter app updated for iPhone and iPad

The official Twitter client for iOS powered devices has been beefed-up with cool new features such as localised trends.

The micro-blogging giant confirmed via its official blog that a range of new features are hitting the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad versions of the app to give users an all-round more pleasant experience.

Chief among these are various UI tweaks to improve access to commonly used features. A camera button has now been placed in the toolbar with faster, improved image preview, to let you add a picture from your device or grab a quick snap.

The Tweet box has been revamped to make it look cleaner and simpler, too. There’s now direct URL shortening, so all you need to do is to place a link in the new tweet box and the app will take care of the rest. Plus, there’s auto completion of @usernames and #hashtags to make tweeting a whole lot faster.

A new Direct Message conversation view has also been added to help you stay in touch with friends. Better yet, you can now find which of your contacts are on Twitter. Or if you’re more interested in complete strangers, you can follow local trends to see what’s being tweeted in the nearby area.

Finally, Twitter has added a ‘Quick Bar’ feature that displays trending topics at the top of your timeline, so you won’t have to keep switching back and forth between screens.

The update is available to download now from App Store or by visiting



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