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  5. Sony Ericsson ‘Donor’ commercial takes bizarre to a new level

Sony Ericsson ‘Donor’ commercial takes bizarre to a new level

Sony Ericsson ‘Donor’ commercial takes bizarre to a new level

Remember that weird debut TV advert for the upcoming Sony Ericsson (SE) Xperia Play that aired last month? No? Well, watch it first, coz freaky as that was today things just got a whole lot weirder.

SE has just released a sequel to the original commercial, revealing how the Android’s robotic mascot got hold of two human thumbs just so that it could play on the Xperia Play, which boasts dedicated gaming controls, AKA PlayStation buttons.

The new commercial, a bit misleadingly titled “Donor”, also takes place in Bangok - this time in a dingy police station that is hardly deserving of the name. Here we see a Caucasian bloke relating the events of the night before to an officer who seems a little less than bothered by his presence.

The still hung-over fella explains how he got drunk in a club and took a pretty girl back to his place (what could go wrong, right?) and then woke up next morning to find out she’d gone, except she didn’t steal any money, his passport or other valuables. Well, not really.

That’s when he reveals that he’s missing both his thumbs, and asks what the police will do about it. The officer simply laughs, implying that his button-mashers are gone for good. The screen then switches to our human Android, who now roams the streets of Bangkok, “ready to PLAY”.

A bit disturbing? Maybe. But very effective too, in getting the message out, if we’re honest.

For those of you with your thumbs still intact, the Xperia Play will be hitting store shelves in the UK at the end of this month on virtually every major mobile operator and vendor on a range of pay as you go and contract options.

Standout features of the Play include a four-inch panel, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with an Adreno GPU, a slide-out game pad with PlayStation controls, a five-megapixel snapper and up to 32GB of storage.

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