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Tiny Wings coming to Android… someday

Tiny Wings coming to Android… someday

Most avid iPhone gamers have already heard of Tiny Wings, another avian-based game that’s taken the iTunes charts by a storm, while Fandroids remain blissfully unaware of its existence. Or at least pretend to be so.

Well, if you’re one of those ignoramus foo’s, Tiny Wings is damn good title where you have to help one sickeningly cute bird with tiny wings to gain flight by sliding up and down hills with enough momentum to make the perilous trek from one island to island.

It’s already made the cut in our best iPhone apps round-up for February to attest to its awesomeness. And now it looks like Android owners will be able to get on board, if the developers behind it can fit a port into their busy schedule, that is.

In an email sent to Phandroid, Tiny Wings creator Andreas Iliger, said that although he doesn’t currently have “any plans to port tiny wings to Android”, he may do so “someday in the future when I have time”.

Ok so it’s not coming next week or even the next month. But with any luck, the growing revenue stream from Android will entice Illiger to make time.

In the meantime, Fandroids can enjoy Dillio Hills, which involves similar hill-sliding gameplay with eye-popping, colourful graphics, except here you control an armadillo instead of a bird.

iPhone owners who still haven’t picked up Tiny Wings can do so right now for just 59p.


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