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Windows Phone 7 NoDo update begins

Windows Phone 7 NoDo update begins

The long-awaited NoDo update for select Windows Phone 7 (WP7) powered phones has begun rolling out, Microsoft has confirmed, bringing much-needed copy and paste functionality to handsets.

The OS bump also improves searches on the Windows Marketplace application download store, puts the kybosh on some irksome bugs and speeds up boot times for apps.

Wi-Fi improvements are also in evidence, enabling you to store even more network profiles on your handset and access them quicker if you’ve got lots saved already.

Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Microsoft, which had originally planned to push out NoDo to handsets back in January, delayed the update to iron out glitches and has implied that not all handset users will be able to download OS version: 7.0.7390.0 from the get-go.

The Big M stated: “To ensure quality, we release updates on a staggered schedule throughout the world. Many factors influence when you'll receive an update, including which phone model you have and which company provides your mobile service.

“We're committed to delivering updates in a timely manner, but don't be surprised if it takes a few weeks for us to notify you that an update is available for your phone.”

The first phone to run NoDo out of the box is the just announced HTC HD7S – a revamped version of HTC’s flagship WP7 phone, the HD7.


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