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Windows Phone 7 phones update delayed to iron out kinks

Windows Phone 7 phones update delayed to iron out kinks

Microsoft is delaying the much-touted, much-awaited NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) handsets to avoid a repeat of the problems that affected February’s minor OS bump, it has been revealed.

Last month, an incremental platform upgrade, which was intended to clear the way for the soon to arrive and much more major revamp, resulted in a significant number of WP7 phone owners’ handsets being rendered inoperable. Or in more common parlance, they were bricked.

A second update was originally scheduled for January and then subsequently delayed to early March. It was then announced this week that it now won’t show until the second half of March.

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According to a blog post from Eric Hautala, whose remit at Microsoft is to oversee operating system updates, the longer than expected wait is due to extra tests being carried out to ensure the upgrade runs buttery smooth this time around.

He stated: “We have the next update waiting in the wings. It delivers copy and paste, better Marketplace search, and other key improvements.

“But I believe it’s important that we learn all we can from the February update. So I’ve decided to take some extra time to ensure the update process meets our standards, your standards, and the standards of our partners. As a result, our plan is to start delivering the copy-and-paste update in the latter half of March.”

Hautala went on to reassure WP7 users that the timing for the scheduled second major update for handsets, announced at this year's Mobile World Congress, will be unaffected by the delays.


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