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  5. Android Gingerbread due on LG Optimus 2X in 'June/July'

Android Gingerbread due on LG Optimus 2X in 'June/July'

Android Gingerbread due on LG Optimus 2X in 'June/July'

The LG Optimus 2X is in line for an upgrade to the latest version of Android for smartphones in June, reports suggest.

LG’s flagship phone for this year – or at least the flagship phone that’s sans a 3D gimmick – ships with the ageing Android 2.2 out of the box. Buyers have been promised an update to the shiny new Gingerbread iteration in the “near future”, though.

Today it seems we now know just how "near" that might be. According to LG’s Danish support site, the 2X is due its dose of update love in “June-July 2011”. Don’t be thrown by the fact they call it the P990 in the screengrab. That’s the internal code number LG uses for the 2X.

lg optimus 2x ginge

The mooted date of June is some six months after Gingerbread, which lest we forget isn't a massive OS overhaul by any stretch of the imagination, debuted on the Nexus S way back in December.

That suggests, to us at least, that phone makers’ problems getting custom skins to work with new Android iterations are far from over. And that, despite the carping from open source evangelists, Google’s efforts to exercise more control over customisations are a step in the right direction.



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