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  5. iPhone 5 & iPad 3 to pack E-ink display?

iPhone 5 & iPad 3 to pack E-ink display?

iPhone 5 & iPad 3 to pack E-ink display?

Next-gen iGadgets could be in line for e-reader optimised displays, as Cupertino raises its game to take on the Kindle.

A patent uncovered by the reliably au courant chaps at Patently Apple shows plans for a hybrid display that teams the high-density retina screen of the iPhone 4 with the LCD e-ink display that stars on the Kindle.

E-ink’s big selling point is that it makes text easier to read than standard smartphone and tablet screens. It also minimises glare from sunlight so bookish sorts can get their read on while they’re outdoors.

iphone ipad e-ink

However, its main disadvantage is that it’s a bit shonky when it comes to rendering games graphics and photos.

The proposed hybrid screen gets around that by automatically switching to the most apt display tech depending on the applications in use and light conditions. Even more winningly, it can use both technologies simultaneously. That’d mean that text on web pages would be rendered via e-ink, while the retina tech handles the photos appearing alongside the copy to give you the best of both worlds.

The patent arrives hard on the heels of another filing for a radical rethink of iDevices’ displays that cropped up online last week. The design showed plans for what amounts to a secondary screen with virtual buttons housed in a smartphone’s bezel.


Patently Apple

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