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Keyboardless webOS phone incoming

Keyboardless webOS phone incoming

The first-ever keyboardless smartphone running webOS may be on its way soon, a leaked spy shot has revealed.

A close-up snap sent to Precentral by an unnamed tipster shows a candy-bar shaped kit with no sign of a physical keyboard, or any branding even, and is believed to be the same device as the mysterious “Stingray” that was unearthed in webOS code back in November last year.

Although it’s hard to tell from the image, our guess would be that the screen size could be as big as four inches, or at least a bit larger than the newly announced Pre 3, which peaks at 3.6 inches. The lack of a physical keyboard should mean it’s also thinner and lighter.

A circular spot visible at the top right of the device could be either a front-facing camera or a proximity sensor. It’s unclear, however, whether the space beneath the screen retains the unique ‘gesture’ area from previous webOS phones or not.

No info is available as to what kind of specs the handset might be packing, other than this cryptic description from the shadowy figure: "an EVO with webOS".

A touchscreen-only phone would certainly be a refreshing change for webOS, especially with the iPhone and a glut of Android smartphones relying entirely on a capacious screen and robust error-correction to aid accurate typing.

HP is due to host its annual ‘Discover’ expo in June 6th. With any luck we’ll find out then if this is going to be computer giant’s answer to the iPhone 5.



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