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PlayStation games land in Android Market

PlayStation games land in Android Market

The first official PlayStation games have hit the Android Market, to mark the official release of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

The so-called PlayStation phone is available on a host of networks from today – with the notable exception of O2 which has postponed availability while it sorts out some mysterious bugs in the firmware. To mark the launch, five classic PSOne titles, which are initially solely compatible with the Play, have gone on sale priced £3.99 each.

Heading the line-up, for us at least, is the evergreen 3D adventure MediEvil starring our favourite undead knight Sir Dan Fortesque, the rather ahem gnarly snowboard sim Cool Boarders 2 and stealth 'em up Syphon Filter.

Also on offer, but markedly less likely to stir the nostalgist in us, are Destruction Derby (does what it says on the tin) and 3D platformer Jumping Flash.

News of gaming developments at Google’s proprietary apps store come as it yesterday emerged that one of the most popular unofficial PlayStation emulators, PSX4Droid, had been yanked from the Android Market.

Google reportedly cited content violations as the reason for its withdrawal. However, it doesn’t take a boy genius to work out that the appearance of official games and the disappearance of PSX4Droid could be in some way related.

A dedicated Sony games download market dubbed PlayStation Suite is landing later this year, offering a mix of PSOne and PSP titles, as well as games designed specifically for the Xperia Play. All Android phone owners with a handset running Android 2.3 or above will be able to use the store.

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