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Top 10 upcoming phones worth getting het up about

Top 10 upcoming phones worth getting het up about

It’s only two months since Mobile World Congress. But already there are a slew of phones that are looking to outdo the cells shown off in Barcelona. Research in Motion (RIM), Nokia and HTC have all got something to shout about. As has Apple, with a certain iPhone 5 on the cards. Here’s our pick of the Top 10 phones causing the biggest ripples of excitement right now.

1 HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation

Officially revealed this week, the Sensation could well be HTC’s best Android phone yet. With rejigged HTC Sense 3,0, a dual-core processor, a stunning qHD screen and Android 2.3 kicking it under the hood, this is a phone we’re desperate to have more than a few snatched minutes with. Due out in May.

2 Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5 placeholder

The one everyone’s talking about. Word is it won’t be shown off at Apple’s WWDC event in June, as has been customary. Instead, Cupertino is said to be readying it for release in September. Think beefed up camera, bigger screen and all-new iOS 5 software.

3 Nokia W8

The first of two recently detailed Nokia Windows Phones, the W8 has been talked up by Russian mobile watcher Eldar Murtazin as a great leap forward for Espoo. As the name suggests, this phone will be based on Nokia’s N8 hardware. A Qualcomm chipset will make this a snappy smartphone treat.

4 BlackBerry Touch 9860

Leaked extensively, this full touchscreen phone is the successor to the Storm 2. It’s said to have dual-core smarts, as well as a tweaked interface that looks much sharper than that on older BlackBerry phones.

5 Nokia W7

The W8’s stablemate, the Nokia W7 is expected to be the first Nokia WP7 phone to break out into the wild. It apparently packs an eight megapixel camera and is based around the recently launched Nokia X7 Symbian phone. At least it won’t have that particular creaking OS on board.

6 BlackBerry Bold Touch

Not to be confused with the above, the Bold Touch combines the best of both worlds, with a sleek QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen for zipping through menus at lightning speed. This will be one of a string of phones unveiled at next month’s BlackBerry World event.

7 Motorola Atrix

Motorola Atrix

Already out in the US, the Motorola Atrix is finally heading to the UK too. This phone is a great all-rounder and acts as a hub for basic computing thanks to a dedicated docking system. You’ll need to stump up for that accessory, but essentially it means you don’t need a laptop or tablet when you’re on-the-go.

8 HTC ChaCha

htc cha cha

One of two HTC ‘Facebook’ phones, this natty, affordable effort has a dedicated button for accessing the social network. Has the potential to significantly change the mobile landscape as the other manufacturers look to follow suit.

9 Sony Ericsson W15

walkman phone

This much-rumoured Android phone will be Sony Ericsson’s first Walkman-branded phone with Google’s OS. Android’s music player is still pretty average, so Sony’s smarts will certainly make this a phone worth looking out for. With a 3.2MP camera and X8-style looks, it promises to be affordable too.

10 BlackBerry Curve Touch

BlackBerry Curve Touch leaked

Like the Bold Touch, this is a dual use smartphone, but with pared down specs in order to appeal to the kids. The Curve has been a huge success for RIM, so expect this to sell by the bucketload when it goes on sale later this summer.

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