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  5. Vodafone Galaxy S Gingerbread update pulled

Vodafone Galaxy S Gingerbread update pulled

Vodafone Galaxy S Gingerbread update pulled

Less than 48 hours since Vodafone confirmed it was rolling out Android 2.3, aka Gingerbread, to its Samsung Galaxy S customers, the update has been suspended without notice.

After months of waiting to get the latest smartphone-optimised iteration of Google’s OS pushed out to Galaxy S handsets, Big V rather unexpectedly announced on Monday that it was available to download through the Samsung KIES application, only for it to be pulled from the service by none other than Google.

Vodafone said on its website: “Due to an issue with the Gingerbread update for the Samsung Galaxy S, its roll out has been temporarily suspended by Google. 

“As there are no known performance issues with the Vodafone variant of the device, we are working with Samsung to reinstate the roll out as soon as possible.”

Neither Google nor Samsung has yet commented on why the update was yanked. It's possible that a last minute bug in the OS or the custom UI was discovered that was not found in Vodafone’s screening process.

In any case, the delay adds only to the growing annoyance of Galaxy S users. It also does not bode well for those looking to purchase the upcoming Galaxy S 2.

Perhaps mindful of this, Vodafone stated: “We know this is frustrating for those Vodafone customers who have not yet been able to update their device and are working hard to address the matter with Samsung”.

Standout features Gingerbread brings to the fold include a revamped UI, improved virtual keyboard with enhanced copy/paste functionality and better power management.



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