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Amazon hints at Android tablet plans

Amazon hints at Android tablet plans

Amazon has given the clearest hint yet that it is preparing an Android powered tablet, after months of speculation that it was part of its plans for 2011.

Rumours that Amazon will enter the market for slates running Google’s OS have been rife for months. However, until now the company has given no indication of its plans.

Until now, that is. In an interview with Consumer Reports, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos was asked outright about the tablet and replied with a far from cryptic “watch this space”.

And while that’s nothing resembling a confirmation, he later outlined hypothetical plans that suggest that the strategy for a tablet is in place at the very least.

Among the revelations he let slip is that Amazon would sell a slate alongside the Kindle rather than as a replacement device for its best-selling e-reader.

Amazon is thought by many to be the company best placed to usurp Apple as the leader in the nascent tablet space, chiefly due to the potential for it to sell a tablet at a loss and recoup the money via sales of apps and ebooks.


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