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  5. Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 delayed until June

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 delayed until June

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 delayed until June

Angry Birds, the title that seems to be on virtually every platform these days - except on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 - has been delayed, again, until late June.

The mobile gaming phenomenon, which was recently confirmed by developer Rovio to have surpassed a landmark 200 million downloads on all systems, will not be making its scheduled May 25th launch on Windows Phone 7 after all thanks to a bewildering decision to push back its release to June 29th.

Better gaming experience

Tom Warren, a spokesperson for Microsoft, told WinRumors: "The shift in timing of Angry Birds as the final title in the 'Must Have Games' lineup was a decision made to ensure we provide the best possible gaming experience on Windows Phone.”

We’re not sure what else Rovio could possibly add to the ‘gaming experience’ that involves flinging irate avians at pigs. Although it’s likely that Redmond is trying to time the game’s release to coincide the rollout of Mango, the first major update for WP7, which promises to bring deeper integration with the Xbox Live online gaming service.

Meanwhile, Rovio is hard at work in creating a new “social game around Angry Birds” as it continues to expand the franchise to “new areas of entertainment business”.

Some of these areas include a Hollywood feature film as well as a rumoured TV show. Ever since we saw this amazing ‘Peace Treaty’ sketch a while back, we have been anxious to see the birds hit the big screen, figuratively speaking.

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