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iPhone 5 delayed until November?

iPhone 5 delayed until November?

The next gen iPhone 5 won’t land in the UK until a month before Christmas, reports suggest, with Apple forced to delay the launch due to OS glitches.

The annual refresh of Apple’s smartphone typically arrives regular as clockwork every June. However, latterly, speculation has been building that the iPhone 5 won’t show until September, owing to component shortages stemming from the Japanese earthquake disaster.

Now it seems that even the mooted September date could be optimistic, after a Phones4U rep told that Apple has postponed the release of the handset until November 21st.

The move has purportedly been forced on Apple by a hitherto unreported “issue with the handset’s software”.

iPhone 5 placeholder

Phones4U’s rep, an employee at the St Albans branch in case you’re of a mind to track him down and pump him for further information, also appeared to corroborate rumours that the iPhone 5 will be an incremental upgrade to the current-gen handset rather than the radical rethink tech watchers have been hoping for.

He said: “[The iPhone 5] be pretty much the same as the iPhone 4 with new software. The software is the main difference with the iPhone 5."

It’s not all bad news, though. In a final flourish, the retailer’s lose-lipped employee claimed that the handset will be priced broadly in line with the iPhone 4. So assuming that it is barely different from the iPhone 4, at least that it looks like it’ll be reflected in the contract price points.



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