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  5. iPhone 5 to feature smaller micro-SIM?

iPhone 5 to feature smaller micro-SIM?

iPhone 5 to feature smaller micro-SIM?

Apple is prepping a slimmed down micro-SIM card, purportedly to clear the way for a new generation of sleeker handsets and tablets.

Cupertino’s plans emerged during grave-faced business types’ Reuters Global Technology Summit, wherein head of mobile services Anne Bouverot of Orange disclosed that the network is already on board with the project.

She told delegates: “We were quite happy to see last week that Apple has submitted a new requirement to (European telecoms standards body) ETSI for a smaller SIM form factor - smaller than the one that goes in iPhone 4 and iPad.

"They have done that through the standardisation route, through ETSI, with the sponsorship of some major mobile operators, Orange being one of them.”

Although the move would only free up minimal space in next-gen gadgets, Reuters claims that the smaller SIM could be aimed at creating slimmer kit. Something which we’re rather perplexed by, to be honest.

However, we can see that incremental differences could clear room for additional components, such as a larger battery or an NFC chip. And that, at least, is something to get excited about.

News of Apple’s plans comes as speculation mounts that the iPhone 5 won’t make its anticipated due date of June, with most analysts predicting a September or November launch instead.

The change is reportedly due to component shortages caused by the Japanese earthquake disaster, as well as a shortfall in labour at partner Foxconn’s factories in China.



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